About us

The LaxStack Founders are like all lacrosse coaches, passionate, but time strapped. We are convinced there has to be a simple way to collect, organize and make sense of the reams of data that comes from lacrosse games. The goal of LaxStack is simple: Grow the game of lacrosse by making individual and team statics open to the public and easy to understand.

We start with making coaches lives easier. The simpler to input, organize and make sense of team and player statistics, the more time a coach has to teach and evangelize their players. For players, parents and college coaches, LaxStack provides a clean snapshot of a players bio and stats that is easily shared to others.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing youth and high school sport in the US and we are excited to be a part of the taking lacrosse to great heights.

Thanks for supporting LaxStack and the lacrosse community.

The LaxStack Team

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